The Gift

December 19, 2021
Not everyone has had the chance to receive the gift that is Christ this Christmas. But it's not hopeless.
Amanda grew up with an open table - Thanksgiving was a time for all people, no matter how tangentially connected, to have a place. It reminds her of the covenant…


October 17, 2021
Today’s scripture is a parable - a lesson on how to short-circuit our tendency to want to get back at those who have hurt us. We constantly wander off and…


October 10, 2021
A lot of people would call that charity, but in the scriptures, this is what justice looks like. As we kick off this year’s missions series, Amanda emphasizes God’s requirement…

It Is Not About Me

September 19, 2021
On a recent trip to a prayer labyrinth, Amanda couldn’t find the answers she was looking for. And so she had to surrender and hand everything over to God -…


July 18, 2021
For Amanda's first sermon, she dives into the importance of service, and what a life lived with that purpose looks like.