Sunday Bible Studies

Mid-Week Bible Studies
Small Groups


Sunday Bible studies equip and challenge us to move beyond the church walls and into the community, working together to share the gospel and bring people to Christ.  As we study God’s word, its power transforms us.  Our lives change.sunday-school

How does that happen?

  • A consistent, structured study of Scripture goes beyond the worship experience to develop greater understanding of the Bible and Christian principles.
  • Weekly lessons are directed to the specific needs of class members so that life applications are a natural outgrowth.
  • The small group setting provides opportunities for discovery and interaction as we reflect on the teachings of Christ. In doing so, our beliefs are strengthened and we are better prepared to share our faith.
  • Because Christian fellowship and accountability are the basis for meaningful relationships, we connect, share joys and sorrows, pray, and care for one another in real and tangible ways.
  • As we serve others through class mission projects, outreach, and evangelism, God impresses on us his vision for the world.

Just think . . in one trip to church, your entire family can participate in the important purposes of Bible study, discipleship, fellowship,  service, and spiritual growth.

At First Methodist Houston, Sunday Bible Studies focus on reading and studying the Bible or contemporary topics related to Christian living.  They meet on Sunday mornings on both the Downtown and Westchase campuses.  Classes vary in size from fewer than 10 to as many as 40 – 50.  They are led by a teacher or designated leader and have a strong component of community building and fellowship.  You are invited to visit at any time.

From a First Methodist member . . .
Being active in a Bible Study at First Methodist Westchase has been a life-changing experience. I have attended my class, Mathetes, for almost a year. In this time I have gained lasting friendships, a better understanding of the Bible, and have been able to gain the courage to disciple others in my community. It seems like a “treat” for me to wake up on Sunday morning and be surrounded by my peers: praying for each other, sharing God’s word, and applying it to current-life scenarios. ~ Samara Barlow-Atwood

Classes for children and youth are offered concurrently.

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