Belief in Jesus

January 16, 2022
Love of God and love of neighbor will always guide you. As we get back to basics, Andy focuses on what he finds most crucial: love of God and love…

Belief In Jesus

January 16, 2022
Jesus asks us to stand with him in the places we’re needed most, and that is with his people. God gave his son to build relationships with humanity, that we…

Belief In God

January 9, 2022
The spark for Andy’s sermon today came from a book by Charles Allen, one of First Methodist’s most famous voices. And in the opening pages of the text, Andy finds…

The Gift

December 19, 2021
Not everyone has had the chance to receive the gift that is Christ this Christmas. But it's not hopeless.

Dawn of a New Day

December 5, 2021
As we anticipate the coming Messiah, we are looking to God in the midst of the wilderness. There are spaces in our lives where we feel might not be worthy…

Prepare The Way

November 28, 2021
God has put a path in front of us - are you and I going to step down it? Today’s scripture is a common Advent passage - a passage about…