Our Father

September 12, 2021
In my darkest season, I learned to carve the path that I wanted. Every time it ended in disaster


September 5, 2021
One of Jesus’ defining characteristics was his humility. It was more than just a passing trait - For Jesus, “being humble was literally a death-and-life situation.” The closer Jordan looks…


August 29, 2021
We have a habit of glazing over our own suffering when talking to others, or dismissing it because “others have it worse.” But your suffering matters. It is valid. And…


August 22, 2021
As Timb takes his last chance to preach, he has a lot of hot takes, including why he hates the Bible, why you shouldn’t try to be a better person,…


July 25, 2021
Jordan tells the story of a woman she knew who found ways to give back even when it seemed like the world had given her nothing. There is unnecessary suffering…


July 18, 2021
For Amanda's first sermon, she dives into the importance of service, and what a life lived with that purpose looks like.


July 11, 2021
Pastor Ken Coneby continues with the new series "Our First Five" and continues to the second value, which is Community.


July 4, 2021
On a weekend in which we celebrate freedom and justice, we can look back at Scripture and see how God has guided humanity towards this from the very beginning.
Some of us are uncomfortable with the word “prophet.” But prophets are not people who have power, but people who rely on the message of God. We need to be…
On Father’s Day, Ken looks at the way God loves us, and the way he’s finding he doesn’t measure up. As he looks at the period where the Israelites built…