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A pledge we make each time we come to the table to worship, learn and serve together.

One Together

Over the course of the next year, our church’s theme will be “One Together.” The words come from our communion liturgy, a pledge we make each time we come to the table to worship, learn, and serve together. “One with Christ, one with each other, and one in mission to all the world.”

This is our charge, and this is our calling.

We want to be a church dedicated to being one body, with one vision, one mission, unified together with one voice. That unity, that solidarity – that is what being the body of Christ truly means.

God puts us in communities to do the hard work of becoming one, and that is work we are committed to doing. We lay disagreements aside and focus on binding ourselves together in one accord.

As you consider your pledge for the following year, we hope that you will commit yourself to that vision. We are made one by working together in faith, and it is only by that commitment that this body can make an impact on this world.

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