Inviting Everybody to Come Along

During the month of September, we are inviting people to consider what it means to “Follow Jesus” by reading the Gospel of Luke. The Gospel of Luke shows us that Jesus was in community, caring for the poor, turning the world upside down, in mission to the unexpected.

The second part of our mission statement is “Inviting Everybody to Come Along.” People too often assume that this part of the mission is about having an elevator pitch ready to go for the church, but it’s not really the church or our church that we are inviting people into. It’s relationship and life with Jesus. People struggle with this part of the mission statement because they literally do not know how to tell their own faith story. OR maybe they don’t have one or think they don’t have one. They can’t name times that it has mattered for them that they followed Jesus. With this series, we will encourage people to explore their lives and their encounters with Jesus, which form the basis for their faith story and their invitation to others. We can also talk about the courage necessary to share and invite. The four weeks of this series reveal talk about four different aspects to our evangelism and our stories.

Evangelism is personal, about transformation, out of compassion, and it will take courage.



October 25 – Inviting Everybody to Come Along: “It Always Takes Some Courage” – Brandi Horton

October 18 – Inviting Everybody to Come Along: “It’s Always Out of Compassion” – Andy Nixon

October 11 – Inviting Everybody to Come Along: “It’s Always about Transformation” – Andy Nixon

October 4 – Inviting Everybody to Come Along: “It’s Always Personal” – Andy Nixon