A new sermon

We are in the middle of one of the worst disasters we have ever known. Globally, there is suffering and fear in proportions that very few of us have experienced before and certainly not in this way. 

The one thing we do know right now is that life will be different, and it needs to be different. As Christians, we can use this time to prepare for what comes next and the Bible is full of stories where people literally moved from one way of being into another.

In this series what we want to offer is a pastoral word and a prophetic word. Pastoral, in the sense that we want to assure people God is with us and that has not changed. Our relationship with Jesus however has a chance to move, and opportunities like this – while difficult – need to be embraced.



Easter is an invitation to go deeper. To that end, we’ll be publishing a study that goes along with each Sunday’s messages and scriptures – though the study is designed to stand alone, and can be enjoyed with or without the sermons. 

We’ll have all of the studies up and available, along with that week’s messages, so feel free to join in any time.

Week One: Time