Adult Christian Education

Love all to Christ, Grow All in the Word, Serve All for God

Becoming a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ is the journey of a lifetime. We must experience the reality of God in our hearts to know the assurance of salvation. And we experience that reality as we seek to build a relationship with our Lord – – a relationship that brings joy, meaning, and vitality to our life and faith. Adult Christian Education makes it possible for us to develop just such a relationship.

Our Christian education practices are built on the tradition of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. Nearly 300 years ago, he organized small covenant discipleship groups in which members prayed for one another, provided mutual encouragement, and studied the Bible in light of daily experiences, recognizing that these practices stirred up believers to love and good works. They became stronger, more committed Christians. His methods still bear fruit.

At First Methodist, we offer several avenues for Christian education:

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It’s time to grow!

Sunday Bible Studies and Mid-Week Bible Studies usually meet at a church campus and is focused on a Scripture-based lesson. It’s more like a classroom. A Small Group usually meets in a home, coffee shop, or restaurant and is focused on relationships. It’s more like a circle of friends.