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December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas Source Family!

As we worship today, online and in-person, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and we remember the message of love, hope, and joy that is found in him.

In the middle of political and social unrest, the Son of God was born to a poor family in a small village to show love in its purest form. Jesus’ presence and message of love and humility spoke to the forgotten and the brokenness of this world in a way that brought life and restoration. That same message and presence continues to do so today. Jesus is not only our Savior, he is our Teacher. This Christmas is a great opportunity to be reminded what we are all about. As the church, we root our lives in a radical love for all and trusting in God’s power and plan. My hope and prayer is that you would encounter moments of undeserved love, as well as opportunities to show that same love for others. In a time of creativity and change, what better way to celebrate the season than this? I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit will lead us into a future that is good and full of peace. 

During our Christmas Eve services, we will be collecting an offering that will go straight to our efforts to care and love others through our Missions Ministries. As we support our refugee and homeless brothers and sisters here locally, and send care and aid around the world, we are engaging the work of Christ. I hope that you join us as a partner in this work both with your offerings and your presence. For the ways you have supported our church community this year through your volunteering and tithes, I want to personally say thank you. You have allowed us to do ministry in new and creative ways in this ever-changing season. I look forward to celebrating with you all very soon and seeing where God leads us into the future.

Your Brother,



Rev. Ken Coneby
Teaching Pastor
First Methodist Houston
[email protected]