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June 15, 2021

Hello First Methodist!

Let’s talk about the future 🙂

Today, the Finance Committee was pressed to find a place to meet Downtown because so much was happening on campus. Bible studies and mission groups were in full force. It is great to see church in-person return.

Looking ahead, live church is back. If you are fully vaccinated, I encourage you to return to live worship, and to be a part of in-person classes and groups.

I also encourage you to stay engaged online. The truth is, I believe the church of the future will be both, and all of us will participate online and live depending upon the opportunity. The successful church will advance in both areas. 

I would also like to follow up on a key concept for us going forward: leadership. I have lists of people to volunteer for staffing a receptionist desks on both campuses, hosting online worship at 9:00 and 11:00, and streaming the 11:00 service downtown – and while I am beyond thankful for all who will serve, I have no one to lead.

This is frustrating. We have to step forward and realize every member is called to lead. There must be something the church relies on you to make happen. I am glad to suggest and recruit, but it is time for everyone in First Methodist to step up and lead.

Let me be bold. At First Methodist:

  • Everyone worships.
  • Everyone serves.
  • Everyone belongs.
  • Everyone is generous.
  • Everyone seeks justice.

My guess is all of us (me included) will have to think differently about how we live out our faith. Following is one thing, but leading is different. I get that. However, as we look forward to the future of First Methodist I believe our future hinges less on what our members do, and more on what they cause to occur. Let me know your thoughts! You can reach me at [email protected].


Rev. Andy Nixon
Senior Pastor
First Methodist Houston