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March 18, 2020

Hello First Methodist,

It was another strange day. At the church we are honoring what our civic, state, and national leaders ask of us. No gatherings of over ten people. Social distancing in any gathering. Smart practices of hygiene and extensive cleaning.

I will be honest and tell you we miss seeing folks. Pastors, staff, and church folks tend to be people-people, and when seeing friends is taken out of the equation we miss something that matters to us all.

Nevertheless, Jesus called the church to be the church. When Jesus told Peter ‘upon this rock I will build my church.’ it was a declaration which transcends time. Through every time we are called to be the church and I know all of us will join together with Christ to ensure victory in this time and against this challenge.

A few further updates:

  • You will be receiving daily emails about a variety of ministries that continue to function. Make sure you read and share them, and if someone is not receiving simply contact me or the church office.
  • All worship services will be online this Sunday and we are working to make youth and children’s ministries to be available online as well. Stay tuned.
  • Missions is going strong. As an example, Lifeline served 105 people outside throughout the morning yesterday. Your missions giving makes this happen.
  • Please continue to support First Methodist financially. Giving is available online or by mailing your offering to the church. Many have been affected by the economy and I understand, but if you can step up and give, do so.

Finally, I would encourage you to go on the evangelical offensive. People are worried, concerned, and wondering about basic questions of life and faith. This is a time to proclaim the life, love, and peace, that is offered by Jesus Christ. Be bold. Pray for others. Invite friends to worship online by sharing a link or extending an invitation.

I am convicted that if we are truly the church in action, that First Methodist will emerge a stronger witness for Jesus than before. Our faith was made for moments such as this. Step up and show others how. As Jesus told Peter, against our faith nothing – not even ‘hell or death’ – will prevail.

My prayers are with you all,

Rev. Andy Nixon
Senior Pastor
First Methodist Houston