Notes From Andy 2

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October 14, 2020

Hello First Methodist,

Please forgive the one-day delay of my usual Tuesday e-mail. Yesterday afternoon came and I physically felt terrible (no COVID-19), but 24 hours later I have bounced back, so let’s talk.

Live worship continues at 11:00 a.m. Downtown for traditional and The Source at 11:11 a.m. on our West Campus. Currently, First Methodist is seeing about 15-20% of our previous attendance in live services. This is in line with other United Methodist Churches, as for many it simply makes sense to continue worshiping online. Interestingly, our online numbers have not dipped. People are continuing to find us and worship with us over the internet. Evangelism today is as easy as sharing a link. As you worship online remember to share and participate in the service as it happens!

Looking ahead, our children and youth ministries are targeting early November. However, there are some key issues that arise when planning for this, so please continue to pray for our ministries as we navigate these.

Sunday School classes are welcome to meet Sunday mornings if the class can socially distance and wear a mask. If a class decides to meet in-person simply let Judy Saenz ([email protected]), our facilities manager, know!

As weird a time as this is, I marvel at the ability to innovate and meet a need. Specifically, take note of the pumpkin contest below. I’m sure all of us will want to carve out some time for that!


Lastly, we will be saying farewell to our own Brandi Horton in the coming weeks, who will be leaving for another appointment at the end of this month. Her last Sunday will be October 25th, and if you would like to write her a note to say goodbye, you can drop one off on your way in or out of church that Sunday (there will be a small sign showing you where to leave them sitting next to the offering box). You can also go online to and write her a note there, which we’ll send to her after the 25th.

All of this is a surprise, so don’t tell her!


Rev. Andy Nixon
Senior Pastor
First Methodist Houston