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July 7, 2020

Hello First Methodist,

I hope all of you enjoyed a safe and Happy 4th! Undoubtedly, the holiday was different than in years past, but even in difficult times there are reasons to be joyful. We live in a blessed land we are fortunate to call home.

With the passing of the 4th, Deborah and I took a chance to escape a bit of Houston heat and are spending a few days in Colorado. I will not tell you about the 60 degree mornings and low humidity 🙂

As we have hiked, it has been a time to reflect on so much that has occurred in our church and world in these last few months. In spite of all the challenges, I continue to believe Jesus opens opportunities for us to be witnesses for the love and grace He offers everybody, as well as participants in the building of his Kingdom.

Clearly, the world still has much to learn about love and peace, joy and hope, justice and forgiveness, as well as all the other virtues Scripture deems crucial. I remain committed to seeing these virtues live into greater reality in the future, and I know Jesus is asking his church to lead the way.



Rev. Andy Nixon
Senior Pastor
First Methodist Houston