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Regardless of where we are in our faith journey, we often find ourselves “hungry for more” – – more time to spend studying God’s Word, more opportunities to learn from gifted teachers, and more interaction with committed Christians who are also “hungry for more.”   As we go deeper in the Word, we realize how much there is to learn and we are no longer satisfied with little bite-sized pieces of Scripture.  A Mid-Week Bible Study pushes us to become truly Bible literate.  It energizes us to stay close to Jesus and to finish the week strong for Him!

At First Methodist Houston, Mid-Week Bible Studies focus on reading, understanding, and applying Biblical principles to our lives.  Sometimes, they are designed to address a particular topic or may have a specific audience.    They take place during the week and usually are offered at the Downtown or West Campus.  Some, however, are hosted in the home of a church member.  Participants may join the study at any time, unless otherwise noted.




January 7 – February 11, 2020

Tuesday, January 7 we will begin our six-week study of Soul Keeping, Caring for The Most Important Part of You.  Bestselling author John Ortberg presents another classic that will help you discover your soul―the most important connection to God there is―and find your way out of the spiritual shallow-lands to true divine depth. With characteristic insight and an accessible story-filled approach, Ortberg brings practicality and relevance to one of Christianity’s most mysterious and neglected topics.



Hear from our pastors as they go deep into Scripture, with accuracy, authenticity, and insight.  Participants are immersed in Scriptural truths, as they are given a thorough and complete explanation of their historical and theological context.  But don’t be intimidated, Allen will make the Bible accessible and relevant to all!

January 2020 – Briefcase Faith: Live Your Faith, Not Preach Your Faith

Dr. Jim Hamilton will be facilitating the Noon Bible Study at FMHouston in the month of January 2020.  The series is called “Briefcase Faith:  Live your Faith, Not Preach Your Faith.”

We all want our lives to count for something. None of us wants to get to the end of our lives and say, “What was that all about?” We are only given so many hours in the day, so many days on the calendar, and we want our actions and lives to mean something. The search for significance seems to be universal. We all want to be important and to make a difference.

In this series, participants will be looking at several areas of life, and then see what the Bible says about how one can make each of these areas count. The Bible is God’s instruction book for living. In its pages, one finds invaluable wisdom that will guide and protect as one winds his or her way through this thing called life.

The topics to be presented in this series are: Session 1:  “Bitter Brothers, Workplace Weasels, Hope Hurters;”  Session 2:  “Taking Church to Work;” Session 3: “Being Godly in an Ungodly Workplace;” Session 4:  “Make Your Work Count.”

Although the principles of discussion in the sessions are focused on workplace interactions, they can be applied to any part of the Christian walk including the Home, Retirement, Church Work, Volunteer Work, Family Dynamics, and any part of living the Christian life.


Downtown, Fellowship Hall – Thursdays at noon
Optional lunch begins at 11:30.

reSource (formerly Source in the City)

Start the new year and decade with a growth mindset in January at our West Campus in the Stansbury building, every Friday beginning January 10th, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. as we come together, share meals, learn, discuss and engage in a practical series titled Life Happens: A Study on Surviving Growing Pains. Our walk with Jesus should lead us to a lifestyle of growth, and often the pain of growing brings a sense of uneasiness throughout life. One of Resource’s core values is committing to growth, so this study will help us navigate growth throughout our journey with Christ.  For more information or to sign up, click here or contact Emil Niz.