Good Grief

As we look ahead to the holidays, things are looking like this year could be like none we have seen before. It is possible that we will not be in the church building for Christmas Eve and Advent, or even if we are, many will not feel comfortable or ready to join us.  It is possible that families will not be able to travel or to have the big gatherings that they are accustomed to. Already people are beginning to ask: what will fill my Thanksgiving Day if I don’t get to cook a big meal?  It is possible in a season that is normally packed with parties and feasting that we will still be distancing and in our homes. It might be much quieter.  This will be hard for people. It will be so difficult for them to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling associated with the Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not to mention the fact that for many, many Americans this will be the first holiday without someone dear to them because of a virus that is still preventing us from hugging one another.  We need to talk about and acknowledge the grief as a church and as the people of God. We need to acknowledge that we are losing things this season and have already lost things, and we need to give people ways to understand and endure through this season. This series is both about grief and about living into the other side. It is about what we have lost and how God is still present. It is about how we have lived through the last several months and how we will live through the next several. 



November 1 – Good Grief: “What We Have Lost” – Andy Nixon


November 8 – Good Grief: “Sitting With It” – Ken Coneby


November 15 – Good Grief: “Sitting With It” – Ken Coneby