Thanksgiving Devotion Nov 27

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Written by: Courtney Hutchins

Scripture: Psalm 107:21

From an early age we teach our children to say thank you. Before my kids could even speak, I’d thank them for passing me a toy or for following my directions. Several times a day I ask my toddlers, “What do we say when someone gives us something?” or remind them to “Tell your sister thank you.” While I want my children to grow up knowing how to be polite and use their manners and my heart swells with pride every time an unsolicited thank you escapes their mouths, my motivation for teaching them to give thanks goes much deeper than that. It’s nice to hear thank you from my children when I serve them a (slightly) homecooked meal or surprise them with a gift, but I do not need that affirmation from my children in order to continue to feed them or buy things for them. Instead, I want my children to feel thankful, to be able to recognize when they feel thankful and to be able to express their gratitude.

The same is true for God. He does not need us to thank him for the sake of hearing those “magic words” or for us checking a box on our list of Christian duties. He will not wait on us to thank him before he delivers a beautiful sunrise or allows us to breathe another breath. We might wonder then why God makes such a big deal about giving thanks when he doesn’t need it. He wants us to feel thankful, to see the grace he has offered us and to know the love he has for us. He knows that an ungrateful and complaining heart is the opposite of a humble and selfless heart, and a heart that’s unwilling to be thankful loses out on many blessings. Like all of God’s gifts, he has made our thankfulness something that gives him glory and gives us joy!

Prayer:  Father, we humble ourselves and come before you like a small child who needs to constantly be reminded to say thank you. We ask that you help us to feel a deeper level of gratitude, that we might be so overwhelmed by our blessings that we cannot help but scream out our thanks to you. We love you and even though we constantly fall short, we know that your love for us never ends. Amen.


Nov 27 2020


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