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Jan 7 Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional – January 7

Written by: Sylvia Kiboko
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24

Back home in the Congo, while growing up in my parent’s house, I remember that we had to wake every day around 5 a.m. to do the cleaning of the entire house. I heard and saw neighbors awake as well, sweeping their yards, cleaning their houses, washing dishes and washing clothes before the sunrise.

Then everyone would shower and would get ready for the day. Kids went to school and parents went to work. This happened every day.

When I came in the USA, life was totally different. People were more focused on their jobs and other busyness of life. The cleaning of their houses was not a priority. Some did it once a week, some every other week or some only when they expected a guest at their house.

Sometimes, when you arrived at somebody’s house, they invited you in and said, “I am sorry for the mess” or “excuse the mess.”

I decided to use this example to illustrate our everyday lives as Christians. How do we prepare our heart to receive Jesus Christ? How do we get our hearts and bodies ready every time for the Holy Spirit to dwell in and be ready for the returning of Christ?

With a letter that Paul wrote to the people of the Greek city of Thessalonica, let us prepare to ask for the sacrament of reconciliation.

We have to prepare ourselves to receive the sacrament of reconciliation by meditating on the word of God.  It gives us the light to see what we are doing right in order to remain closer to our God. It also helps us to look closer to what we are doing wrong which not only pushes us farther from God, but also hurts us.

In praying at all times, since there is a power in prayer, we draw nearer to God and remember that there is nothing impossible to Him. He forgives those who come to him in trust and truth.

The deep cleaning of our lives has to be our lifestyles as Christians because we don’t know when Jesus Christ may come back. He is our special guest. We need to make sure we receive the sacrament of reconciliation every day of our lives. Don’t wait too long. Do it now! Otherwise, you might receive him by saying, “Excuse the mess.”

Prayer: Precious God and Wonderful God, I pray for anyone who is being blessed by this message. I pray that you help us all to always have and keep our house ready for you to come in. Help us avoid getting in a flurry while we are preparing for your return, so that you don’t find our home in a mess! We love you and trust you! In Jesus Mighty name we pray! Amen!



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