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Jan 4 Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional – January 4

Written by: Brian Hall
Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-3

As we find ourselves embracing a new year, it will be tough to leave behind a year of pain, trauma and sadness. That could’ve been just one month in 2020; however, when I think back on the year as a whole, I can’t help but feel like it was a year that happened “For” us, not “To” us.

The whole world, as we knew it, changed in an instant, right before our eyes. Or maybe not. Perhaps the disconnectedness of our world simply became clearer to many.

Racial injustice and death, the loss of love ones, health pain and the loss of career and livelihood can more than fill the spectrum of all the earthly suffering imaginable to us. Righteousness and equality, healing, remembrance, love and fresh starts are all a part of the glory and light that knowing Jesus affords us. In John 10:28, it says “Apart from Christ we are all like the blind man beside the road.” The miracle of 2020 is that God continues to seek us out to be the light for nations and the brightness for kings.

For me, that brightness appeared

  • when I appreciated the fortunes of having a home-office to work from, while others struggled just to find work.
  • when I remembered my grandmother being serious about her rule of washing our hands thoroughly and often.
  • when I fell in love with the little annoying things that I actually missed about my family members stuck in their homes.
  • when I realized that fighting racial injustice begins with me turning caution into curiosity for those different than I am.
  • when I committed to being a witness for the Lord, seeing the light that has always been there in His glory and love.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, we have seen the darkness. We have found times when we’ve only known the darkness, but you were always there. You asked only that we open ourselves up to your love, your truth and your power, your power to bring light to the darkest of places. We believe in Your power to work miracles and create believers among us. We believe that no matter how long the days or the nights, one promise rings true…when we wash our eyes free of the saliva soaked mud, we are transformed in Your light. I pray for today and for our tomorrows, that we know You and Your power. You see Lord, as we dwell on a humanly earth that at times can and will be dark, it is through Your Grace and Your love, that we become the very beacons of Light needed to bring nations together and kings to follow You. As we embrace the days and months ahead in this new year, may we stand faithful together, strong and powerful in the divine glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen



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