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Jan 3 Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional – January 3

Written By:  Ron Sledge
Scripture:  Genesis 9:14-16

For the last 32 years, my office desk has faced a bank of windows, a fishbowl really, that look out across Houston’s northern, eastern and southern horizons from well over-the-treetops.  Sometimes I work, and sometimes I look out the windows.  Since Houston has such a steam-pot climate, with rain almost every third day of the year, impressive rainbows appear with shocking frequency.  My phone is filled with rainbow pics taken from my office window.

Our scripture today is odd in that it describes how the rainbow in the clouds will cause God to remember the covenant with all living creatures. Really? Don’t we usually think of rainbows as a prompt for us to remember the covenant?

Remembering is a core component of a right relationship with God. It is a two-way concept.  The word remember is in the Bible over 200 times, and quite curiously, a third of those present God remembering us and God remembering our relationship.  The other “remember” passages present us remembering God, and us remembering what God has done and us remembering what God expects of us. Remembering is essential to the life of faith.

Prayer:  Father, we are so thankful for the awesome gift of memory.   Remembering God’s laws bring encouragement.  Remembering his very name at night brings peace.  And remembering God’s greatness is a cure for fear.  Lead us, the First Methodist community, to “active remembrance” where we both reflectively call to mind, and act accordingly, as we boldly engage this New Year.  We are blessed by all our rainbow moments in your presence.



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