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Daily Devotional – December 30


Written by: Monique G. Studak
Scripture:  Psalm 51:10

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. My excitement for the New Year is beginning to grow. Usually this time of the year, I am cleaning out closets and organizing my pantry. I am one of those people that gets giddy at the sight of spices sitting alphabetically in a cabinet, and shoes organized by color and style. Getting these small areas cleaned up to start a New Year sparks great joy. As I said, I am one of “Those People.”  But this is not a usual year, and thanks to the near shutdowns due to COVID, my closet has already been cleaned out and my pantry organized.

So, where do I put this energy and enthusiasm now? My excitement for a fresh start is still with me, maybe even more so than in the past.  What in my home, or in my life, needs a good dusting I ask myself? What corner had not been visited lately? In asking this, a voice gently nudges me asking “how is your heart?” I immediately know this is not a cardiologist question; this is a question from Jesus. When did I last stop to look into myself?

What grudges have I held onto? And, why would I want to carry these over into the New Year? What shame has held me back from sharing my heart, in actions or words, with the world?

How exciting to think of all that the Lord could do with a clean heart, filling it with compassion, hope and charity. Imagine what opportunities my eyes could be open to when my heart is open and available.

Yes, I respond to the Lord, I will clean out my heart, sweep out the dust of the past and lean into the joys of a new beginning. I will open the proverbial windows and let the Lord’s love be the sunshine that radiates from within. In doing this, I sense the smile of my Father shining onto his sometimes-misdirected child.

Getting ready for a new beginning doesn’t take a trip to the Container Store or an Amazon adventure. It simply takes a bowed head, a willing spirit and a simple request to have the Lord of Light, “Create in me a clean heart.”

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for many ways you show your love to me.  hank you that no matter how dusty my heart becomes you are so willing to shine your love into every nook and cranny, making my heart new again. I pray that I take this clean heart, and renewed spirit, out into the world, making every day a new day and a new opportunity to share your love with all that cross my path. Amen.





Dec 30 2020


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