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Daily Devotional – December 28

Written by: Rebecca Holland
Scripture: John 1:14

Now that Christmas is over, do you feel a little let down?  It’s a common feeling.  The gifts have all been opened and the wrappings gathered up and put in the trash. You probably still have leftovers from Christmas dinner, but by now all that’s left is the boring stuff: a little dried-out turkey, a few sad brussels sprouts, but definitely no pie.

The prevailing mindset in our secularized society is that Christmas ends on Christmas Day. According to the church calendar, Christmas doesn’t even begin until Christmas Eve.Historically, people didn’t put their Christmas trees up until Christmas Eve. Christmas continues until Epiphany, which is January 6 in 2021.

If you are feeling a little let down today, spend some time meditating on the enormity of the Incarnation, when God became man in the form of a baby in order to set us free from sin and legalism.It was the greatest gift we have ever received.

Prayer: Lord, we ask that you deepen our understanding of and thankfulness for the Incarnation.



Dec 28 2020


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