Day Trips

Day trips are scheduled each month and are offered at reasonable cost. Trip details are listed in the Sunday bulletin. For more information, contact Judy Saenz at 832-668-1836.

Extended tours overseas are offered annually.



Life of Jesus in Israel
March 8-21, 2020
Hosted by Rev. Andy Nixon and Rev. Ann Spears
Led by Hannaniah Pinto

Take that trip you have always wanted to take…Hannaniah Pinto will weave together the context of Scripture through history, geography, archaeology and theology. Explore the settings of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospels. Discover the time, places, customs and physical settings into which Jesus was born. Follow Jesus as his ministry unfolded in Galilee. Visit places important to his life and works. Step back in time and enter into the world of the Bible and follow Jesus in his ministry around the Sea of Galilee and as he turned his face toward Jerusalem.

For more information, contact Rev. Ann Spears at 832-668-1853.

Life of Jesus in Israel Brochure