Goodbye, Brandi

Hello church family!

We’re finding ways to say goodbye to Brandi as she takes this next big step into becoming a head pastor in her own right. We’re going to miss her, and she should know that.


First, if you’d like to send her a message, we’re collecting notes for her on her last day of worship, October 25. Bring a note and leave it next to the offering box, there’ll be a small sign there for you to drop your notes off.

You can also mail in your notes to the church, and we’ll send them along to her. Any letters or cards can be sent to the church at:

First Methodist Houston
Attn: Brandi Horton
1320 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002

Or, you can send her a note electronically. This page will stay open. You’ll be able to leave her a message any time you like, whether you leave her a message before she leaves or afterwards. If you leave her a message before the 25, it’ll be part of the big group of messages we’re sending her on that day. If you send it afterwards, we’ll make sure it gets forwarded right along to her new email.

  • Please let Brandi know whatever you'd like her to right here. No one besides Brandi will see the contents of this section, your note will remain confidential.

Thanks so much for being a part of this. It will mean the world to Brandi to see how much her church and her community cares about her.