A Year of Prayer

Letter page

Prayer is Where the Action is
John Wesley 

As we move into a year of prayer and discernment for First Methodist Houston, we begin by preparing our hearts to hear from God. The best way to hear God’s voice together is to begin with personal spiritual work. Starting in September, we are asking each church member to make a commitment to listen and seek God, personally and in community over a period of 365 days. 

Beginning each day with the community Morning Prayer sent out at 7:05 a.m., we will seek God together by listening and praying, through the Daily Prayer Guide (Scripture, Focus and a Prayer Framework). You will receive the Daily Guide each morning through email and on Facebook, or you can access the daily prayer on the website. If 7:05 a.m. does not work for you, then pray as your schedule allows during that day.   

Weekly, we will ask each Sunday school class and small group to devote some intentional time for prayer together, praying through the weekly requests. Weekly prayer groups will be encouraged to meet online or in person (Covid permitting) as we progress.  

Monthly, we will pray together by campuses, online and in person (as Covid precautions allow).  

Please make plans to join us for Prayer Services at each campus or online on September 26 at 11 a.m. A special prayer service built for our online viewers will play at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.   

In this season, we will seek and wait for God together. As He directs us, we will discern and act on His leading. This will require personal and communal humility. It will also require reconciliation with one another where there is discord or division.   

Please begin praying with anticipation for what God has for His church, First Methodist Houston, during this year of prayer and discernment.                                                                      


Andy and “The Year Of Prayer and Discernment” Team