That Just What Happened

By late May and early June, the world will still be attempting to go back to some semblance of life that is familiar. As people emerge from their homes (or not) after months of being home, there will be a collective struggle to wrap our minds around what has happened and is happening. There will be questions about what’s real and what’s not. The world shut down to fight a microbe, so small that we cannot see it with the human eye, which further exacerbates our struggle with reality. If we can’t see it, how do we know it’s real? That Just Happened is a series that explores surprising realities. It’s the phrase that you say when you’re still in disbelief that something happened to reassure yourself that it was real.

I can only imagine that the early church wrestled with some of those same disbelieving questions and unbelievable realities as they navigated a post-resurrection world. In Acts, the Spirit shows up. That just happened. An Ethiopian eunuch gets baptized. That just happened. The church’s greatest enemy becomes their greatest asset. That just happened. A buffet is laid in front of Peter – and it includes shellfish. That just happened. The walls of prison are toppled by hymns. That just happened. The movement of the Spirit often creates unbelievable realities that further the spread of the Gospel. As we grapple with our own new and unbelievable reality, the Spirit is on the move. This series helps us ask what is happening, how the Spirit is at work, and how to live faithfully in response.



 May 31 | That Just Happened: Everyone’s a Prophet Now 

June 7 | That Just Happened: We’ll Let Anybody In

June 14 | That Just Happened: We’ll REALLY Let Anybody In 

June 21 | That Just Happened: In Case You Get Hungry