I have a beautiful 3yr old daughter who’s father is not currently in her life dur to legal issues and I want to be the type of mother she can be proud of. I need to find wk and get her enrolled in pre-school. I just want to be able to depend on myself. I pray that when opportunities come along I will notice them but I am struggling with keeping faith in myself bc it seems like I cannot get out of this rut. I am trying to give it to our Lord and Savoir and trust that when the rt thing comes along I’ll grasp it and hold on tight. This is causing me to have self confidence issues, chronic insomnia. Frankly all I need is your prayers to get Jalynn and I on the rt path so I can continue to provide everything that she deserves. My parents have been helpful, but I need to KNOW I have it in me and not rely on anyone else except for Christ. My prayers go out to all the submissions I have read. I’m just asking for a bit more help in order to give myself peace. My daughter, Jalynn Rose and I appreciate all of your support and prayers. God bless and Praise Him.