Adult Bells Downtown

The Sanctuary Ringers are a very active hand bell group that plays special music for several services throughout the year. The group also presents holiday music and a performs collaborative concerts with ringers from the Rejoice Ringers. The Sanctuary Ringers ring anywhere from 3 to 5 octaves and have a 6th octave for special pieces. The 6 octave set of English hand bells and 5 octaves of chimes represent one of the larger collections of bells in the area.

Directed by Dr. Terry Morris, this instrumental group includes many trained musicians but there is always the opportunity to learn to play. All you need is a heart centered on worship, a desire to work and learn, and the ability to attend rehearsals and play at both morning services when called upon. The ability to read rhythm and perform the physical acts of ringing and malloting are desirable as well. Substitute ringers are regularly utilized in rehearsals and services. Rehearsals are from 6 to 6:50pm every Wednesday between Labor Day and Christmas Eve in the fall and winter; and we return after New Year’s Day and ring until the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend.

Please contact Dr. Morris by email or 832-668-1824 for more information.