Life on Mission



What is the purpose of our lives of discipleship? To make more disciples of Jesus as we share the love of God with everyone, both locally and globally.  This series will begin with the importance of belief–what we believe about God’s heart for the world is our beginning point.  How we live life will be in reaction to what we truly believe.  We will then move to the necessity of action flowing from belief–it isn’t until we act upon our beliefs that they become realized.  We care for others because God cares.  Once we have begun to act, we should do it with such frequency that living missionally becomes a way of life–a habit.  And finally, after consistent action and habit-forming, serving and giving missionally become what we truly value.  Values shape who we are as individuals and as a community, as First Methodist.  We both become transformed and become agents of transformation when we live out God’s heart and mission for our local communities and the world.


Life on Mission Pledge
Jesus said that loving God and our neighbor are the most important commandments. As followers of Christ, we take responsibility to serve the poor and oppressed and proclaim the Good News of Christ around the world. We accomplish this through local and global church and partner ministries on five continents. We place  a high emphasis on sharing the love of Christ in our community and globally to those who have not yet heard the name of Jesus, Your gifts enable First Methodist Houston to expand support of the growing needs of our local and global ministries, such as our ministries to the homeless, immigrant and refugee children and ministries to unreached peoples.

Life on Mission Pledge 2017

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