First Choice Broadcasting

First Methodist Houston has completed 57 years of broadcasting on Channel 13 television, a record among broadcasters, and 15 years on Channels 55 & 57. When Channel 55 moved to Spanish programming, we  moved our worship service to Channel 57 (Comcast/Xfinity – Channel 53), which allows us to broadcast our service live, and in a high definition (HD) format. We remain among the very few in the country that broadcast a live service.
The 11:00am Traditional Worship service at our Downtown Campus is broadcast live as follows:

Live broadcasting – at 11:00am on Sundays is on KUBE – Channel 57. The following are the channels where you can view our broadcast:

On cable:
Comcast/Xfinity – Standard definition – Channel 53: High Definition – Channel 653
Consolidated Communications – Channel 17
En-Touch – Channel 56
Phonoscope – Channel 57
SuddenLink – Channel 14

On satellite:
DISH Network – Channel 57
DIRECTV – Channel 57

Additional TV Viewing:
Channel 13 – KTRK at 5:00am on Sundays

Note: For any problems in locating us, please refer to your satellite or cable company’s program guide. 

Live Streaming – the 11:00am service can be viewed on your computer and smart phones at:  Live Streaming.

Radio:  KHCB (105.7 FM) at 8:00pm on Sundays. The program is called First Methodist TodayNote: If you’re traveling,  you can see the list of stations that carry this program at: