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We truly believe that, "One generation will tell another of the mighty acts of God." Psalm 145:4  By passing on the stories of our faith to our children, we give them a glimpse of the abundant life God has promised for each of us. Our goal is to support and encourage families to live life as faith-full families - helping one another reach their full potential in Christ.
Family Ministry at First Methodist Houston's Westchase Campus includes:
Family Retreat 
Rock Paper Sisters 

Other related ministries that you may also be interested in:
Children's Ministry • Youth Ministry

Men's Ministry Women's Ministry

For more information, please contact us:

Staff Contacts: 
Elaine Pendergrass 
Email  or 713-458-4700

Administrative Asst.: Sabitha Panthagani 
Email or 713-458-4715


FAMILY RETREAT - What is Family Retreat? It’s is will be (physically & spiritually)’ll have more fun than you can imagine! You’ll get to know other families from First Methodist Houston…’ll bond with YOUR’ll reconnect with our Heavenly’ll reconnect with the great’ll enjoy getting to what matters – Jesus!

Recreation and re-creation is important to us keeps us fresh...laughter keeps us young. And through it all, we come to know the joy of God’s love for each of us. The annual Family Retreat helps us to enjoy and appreciate all that makes us family ...individually and as the family of God...please JOIN US!

For more information, contact Sabitha Panthagani at: or 713-458-4715.



 "God is solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul." Psalm 62:2

Who we are

We are a circle of friends brought together through our love of Jesus Christ and our love of scrapbooking and storytelling. We desire to share our faith in creative ways. Our name, Praise Rock Paper Sisters, embodies these traits: we build our foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ, we scrap with paper (traditional & digital), and we are sisters – encouraging and praying for one another. In Luke 19:40, Jesus says these words when confronting the Pharisees rebuking the joyful crowd when our Lord entered Jerusalem, "I tell you, if they keep quiet, the rocks will cry out." So, sisters, we have some work to do!

Be a part of this circle of Sisters
We invite you to take our monthly scripture challenge, share prayers, praises and concerns, post your creations and join us in this walk of faith. We also meet weekly for prayer, support and creative time.
For more information, contact Summer Simmons at:



Family Events
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