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Westchase Discipleship Groups
Growing in Mind, Heart, and Body  

WA = Wesley Academy Building

Young Adults
WA 217
Leader: Jessica Sarpu
Adult Bible Hour
50's and up
Hinson Chapel
Leader: Kurt Andreason
Encouranging Word
30's, 40's
WA 216
Leader: Stacy Valdes
Good News
40's, 50's
WA 219
Leader: Keith West
Impacto (Class in Spanish)
Adults, All Ages
WA 215
Leader: Susie Morales
Journey of Friends
50's, 60's
WA 218
Leader: David Ross
30's, 40's
WA 211
Leader: Dr. Pendergrass
Open Door
50's, 60"s
WA 201
Leader: Larry Harman
Safe Haven
30's, 40's
WA 214
Leader: Barry Wiggins
Salt & Light
30's, 40's
WA Library
Leader: Paul Conrad
The Bible Lab
40's, 50's
WA 208
Leader: Dr. Paul Clines
Three Strands
Couples, 30's, 40's
WA 235
Leader: Jason Knesek
Truth Seekers
50's, 60's
WA 213
Leader: Mark Harwell
Women of the Word
Women, All Ages
WA 220
Leader: Kathy Behrman                     Westchase Discipleship


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