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Dear WC Worshippers,

You know, every organization is looking for that element that makes them unique or different from everyone else. In the church, one of the important questions we need to ask is, “What makes FMH Westchase different from the church down the street?” I mean every church (I hope!!) believes in Jesus, has great music, terrific children and youth ministries, classes for adults, etc, etc. What makes us different or stand out? I can tell you, for us it is the rich diversity of our congregation. Few churches anywhere have the mix of nationalities, ages worshiping together, economic diversity, and multiple other expressions of the range of people that you experience every Sunday at FMH Westchase! What churches offer simulcast Spanish translation along with sign interpretation of every worship service? What other churches embrace children with special needs like we do here at FMH Westchase? Even our worship music is diverse…I describe our music style as “big tent” music because instead of just one kind of music that will automatically exclude someone, the styles include a little bit of everything (you know what I mean if you were here for “cowboy church” this past Sunday!) It’s truly remarkable when you think about it.

I love this aspect of our church because it makes us so appealing to non-church goers. God positioned our church in one of the most diverse parts of one of the most diverse cities on the planet. Our embracing of this diversity makes our message of unconditional acceptance loud and clear. Without saying a word we say to every person “You’re just like us and you’re welcome here, just as you are!”. I further love the diversity of our congregation because it is as close a picture of Heaven as you’ll find anywhere. One of my favorite verses is Revelation 7:9. It’s a picture of heaven. In it John describes people from every “nation, tribe and language” gathered around the throne worshiping God. That’s exactly what we do here every Sunday!

This Sunday, as part of our “Good Vibrations” emphasis, we are celebrating the great diversity of our congregation. With the tastes of food from around the world, people dressing in their native garb and a new display of flags representing the diversity of people who attend here, you can’t miss this week!

See you Sunday!

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