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Dr. Mary Neal
author of
To Heaven and Back

Guest Speaker
8:45 and 11:00am Worship Services
April 21
Downtown Campus

Is there Life After Death?

As part of Dr. Wende's April Message series Life After Death,
we will have the opportunity to hear the story of Dr. Mary Neal.
After the worship services, Mary will also be presenting her story in a workshop
in the Fellowhsip Hall.

Dr. Neal recounts how she drowned while kayaking after becoming trapped
inside a waterfall when she was on vacation
in the Los Rios region of southern Chile,
Before being resuscitated, she had a remarkable and joyful
experience of going to heaven and engaging in direct
communication with angels.

As an inspirational speaker, Mary lectures publicly about this
transformational event and how it has impacted her life and her family,
as well as the important lessons it holds about the
meaning and purpose of our lives.  

Click here to download a flyer.

Click here for brief bio of Dr. Mary Neal.

Dr. Neal's book, To Heaven and Back, is available in the Hidden Treasures Books & Gifts store.
You can order at 832-668-1876


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