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Family Ministry at First Methodist Houston's Downtown Campus includes:
                           Baptism Class Children In Worship

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 For more information, please contact us:

Staff Contacts: 
Director of Children & Family Ministries:
Candice Davis - email or 832-668-1862

Assistant Director of Nursery & Preschool:
Lisa Irwin - email or 832-668-1812

Administrative Asst:
Amy Coleman - email or 832-668-1879



Designed for adults desiring baptism for themselves or their children. Come participate in this informative class that will help you sort out and answer questions about this blessed event, from helping you to explore the meaning of the sacrament of baptism to learning about the practical details.

This class is offered on an appointment basis in Room 403. Contact Amy Coleman by email or 832-668-1879.


Jesus said, “Anyone who welcomes a child in myname welcomes me.” Matt 18:5
There is Always Room for Children in Worship 

A Guide for Parents and Friends of Children Who Come to Worship with Us

WELCOME to worship at First Methodist Houston. As you look around our Sanctuary, you will see that children are a part of our worshipping community. We celebrate the participation of young families in the life of the church and believe that children are active members of the First family. We make room for children in worship by:
  • Teaching in Sunday School and other special programs the importance of worship in the life of our Church family,
  • Scheduling special opportunities for children to participate in worship in a variety of ways,
  • Giving our children an opportunity to experience worship on their level, learn about the elements of worship, and prepare them to become an active part of worship with all of God’s people. 
Being a parent is an awesome responsibility. Training your children to worship is one way to pay attention to the truly important and life-changing moments of life. Parenting in the pew helps you participate in the most important thing you can ever train your child to do: worship. Here are a few suggestions for helping your child feel a part of our worshiping family:
  • Concentrating on the sermon is the hardest part of the worship service for children of all ages. To help your child, you can ask the child to listen for stories. As the sermon begins, you can draw attention to it and ask a question. This can be the conversation on the way home. Turn about is fair play. Be prepared to answer their questions to see if you were focusing on the worship service.
  • Teach your children to pray, beginning at a very young age. Encourage them to use their own words and to talk to God about things that concern them. Children need to see us at home and church as we pray out loud and kneel or sit in silence as we pray and listen for God’s guidance. Teach them to thank God and to pray for others.
The ABC’s
Arrive in time to find a good place to sit. Sit near the front to provide younger children with a better view. Have toddlers stand on the pews when the congregation rises. Keep an arm circled around them as you hold the Bible or bulletin for the child to see. Point to the words as the reading progresses.
Be aware of what will happen in the worship service. As soon as children can read at all, encourage them to hold their own Bible and bulletin. Have them watch for words that they know and join in at those times. Help them find the Scripture reading and follow along. Discuss worship in your home. Prepare children for any changes in the routine, such as communion Sunday. Take time to answer their questions.
Children should sit with you, the parent, and not friends. It is harder to pay attention to God when you are paying attention to you.


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