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During February, many people’s thoughts turn to love, relationships and marriage.  With these topics in mind, Senior Pastor, Dr. Steve Wende, explores various questions concerning marriage and whether or not marriage is for everyone. He began the five-part series called Making Love Last on Sunday, February 2 and he will conclude on Sunday, March 2. First Methodist Houston, located at 1320 Main Street at Clay in downtown, holds worship services at 8:45am and 11:00am each Sunday. Parking is free in three lots on Clay Street across from the sanctuary.

The following topics will be covered during the series and will offer spiritual insights to couples already married and to singles who wonder if it is possible to make marriage work.

Sunday, February 2 - The Mission of Marriage - During this sermon, Dr. Wende will address the question, “Does marriage still make sense in today’s world?”

Sunday, February 9 - Viva Romance - Dr. Wende asks, “Is it possible to actually make marriage work and suggests how couples can keep love alive through the years.

 Sunday, February 16 – Renewing the Vow - Rev. Terence Hagans will deliver the message. On this Sunday after Valentine’s Day, Dr. Wende will perform a “Blessing of the Marriage” ceremony and invites married couples of all ages to attend and renew their vows during this special service. Brides may choose to wear their wedding veils.

Sunday, February 23 – Marriage Killers - Dr. Wende speaks to toxic behaviors that can damage a marriage and change its purpose. He will provide guidance on getting help when a marriage is in trouble.

Sunday, March 2 – Seasons of Marriage - Dr. Wende concludes the series with a discussion on the various phases of marriage and the statistical times when married couples face the toughest challenges. He will offer guidance on making love last during the good times and the rough times.

These messages will be given at each service. The 11:00am service is broadcast live on KUBE-TV, Channel 57 (Channel 53 on Comcast) and is also available through live streaming from the church’s web site at

Dr. Wende invites anyone, married or single, to send him questions about marriage so he may answer your concerns,  click here to email your question.

Please pick up a CD or DVD of the messages to give to a family member or friend! These are available from the Hidden Treasures Books and Gifts store. You can also access the audio on the website via Podcasts, or Messages on Demand, and the videos at recent message archives.


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