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First Methodist Houston has completed 57 years of broadcasting on Channel 13 television, a record among broadcasters, and 15 years on Channels 55 & 57. When Channel 55 moved to Spanish programming, we  moved our worship service to Channel 57 (Comast/Xfinity - Channel 53), which allows us to broadcast our service live, and in a high definition (HD) format. We remain among the very few in the country that broadcast a live service.

The 11:00am Traditional Worship service at our Downtown Campus is broadcast live as follows:

Live broadcasting - at 11:00am on Sundays is on KUBE - Channel 57. The following are the channels where you can view our broadcast:
     On cable 
          Comcast/Xfinity - Standard definition - Channel 53: High Definition - Channel 653
          Consolidated Communications - Channel 17                     
          En-Touch - Channel 56
          Phonoscope - Channel 57
          SuddenLink - Channel 14

    On satellite 
          DISH Network - Channel 57
          DIRECTV - Channel 57

    Additional TV Viewing
          Channel 13 - KTRK at 5:00am on Sundays

      Note: For any problems in locating us, please refer to your satellite or cable
       company's program guide. 

   Live Streaming the 11:00am service can be viewed on your computer and
        smart phones at:  Live Streaming.

    Radio:  KHCB (105.7 FM) at 8:00pm on Sundays. The program is
                    called First Methodist TodayNote: If you're traveling,  you can see the list
                    of stations that carry this program at:

You can listen to recent messages online by Dr. Steve Wende from the 11:00am service at the Downtown Campus at Downtown Messages On Demand.,

You can also listen to Dr. Wende's messages at  Downtown Podcasts.  There you can listen online, copy them so you can listen on an MP3 or CD player at a later time, or subscribe to iTunes to access them independent of the website. 


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