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 The mission of the First Methodist Houston Student Ministry is to connect young hearts to Christ. We seek to create a Christ centered, dynamic gathering place students and friends that is beloved and shared. Drawing straight from scripture (Acts 2:42-47), our values guide our programming. Everything we “do” can be connected to the following: joy, prayer, table fellowship, worship, mission, Bible study and growth.

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For more information, please contact us.

Director of Student Ministry - Downtown: 
Aaron Ferguson by email or 832-668-1800

Below you can view information about each of the ministry areas.


We meet on the sixth floor at 10:00am. Come a few minutes early for breakfast and fellowship.  



Confirmation is a memorable, faith-building rite of passage for sixth grade students at First Methodist Houston. Actually, there are few things in youth ministry that are as important as Confirmation. When young people claim the name Jesus Christ as their own, it is a holy moment. When parents, youth and a church partner to teach and learn the foundations of the faith, it fulfills vows made at baptisms. Confirmation is truly sacred.

For information about specific Confirmation class schedules, contact Aaron Ferguson by email or 832-668-1800.   


First Methodist Houston youth are very active and involved in proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ in word and deed in our community and throughout the world. In the summer, we take a high school mission trip, an all-youth trip and a junior high trip.

Check out the Events Calendar for the details on each trip. For any questions, contact Aaron Ferguson by email or 832-668-1800.



First Methodist Houston students look forward to Fall Retreat every year, as well as Break Thru retreats in the spring for both junior high and high school. In the summer, we attend Student Life Camp.

For more information, check out the Events calendar or contact Aaron Ferguson by email or 832-668-1800. 




Students can take part in special fundraisers and other singular events throughout the year. Our fundraisers include the Go Texan BBQ, Spaghetti Luncheon and Stock Campaign. Special events include a Super Bowl party, kick-offs for fall and spring school semesters, a Princess Party and M.O.G. (Men of God) lock-in, Bowl-er-Ween and Christmas Fun Festival.

Check out the Events Calendar  for information on scheduled events.


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