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Help Keep Port Houston Elementary School Open

Three years ago First Methodist Houston members wrote letters to the HISD Board and Superintendent Grier and helped keep Port Houston Elementary School from closing.  Will you please help again by joining First Methodist members and staff in writing to the 9 Board of Education Members for HISD?  Below is a sample letter.  Please re-word, according to your writing style.  This letter addresses partnership of the church with Port Houston Elementary and the concerns to a school closing.  Timing is of the essence.



Board members name
District #

I, along with so many others in our church and community, appreciate the outstanding job the Houston Independent School District does in so many diverse and sometimes very difficult situations. We also realize the very real budgetary challenges the district is facing. We are, though, deeply concerned over the possible closing of Port Houston Elementary School.

There are not many opportunities for hope or advancement available to the people of this community. The education level is low and the poverty level is high, and it is a prime area for the recruitment of boys into gangs and girls into the sex trafficking business. Because of its location, not many organizations are positioned to help the people there. Since 1995, the members of First Methodist Houston have been deeply invested in seeking to give the children and their families a way out of this cycle. First Methodist Houston has a community center three blocks from Port Houston Elementary, and we partner with the school to support the children and their families.

The school is a lifeline to the community and a testimony to the excellence, effectiveness, creativity, and heart of your district. It is a refuge for the children, a safe place where they can feel loved even as they are taught. Along with that, it is a place for parents to go to get accurate advice and a conduit of meaningful communication as opposed to the half-truths that would otherwise dominate the neighborhood grapevines. The school staff and administration are exceptional, providing a remarkable education with less than ample funding. The reward of this exceptional staff is the achievement of the students and the rise to exemplary status of Port Houston Elementary.

I realize that you are under great pressure, but I am speaking up because, as you consider schools to close, Port Houston is one community in which the people may not have the resources to speak up for themselves. If the school is closed, the fabric of that community will be devastated and some of those most at risk will be made much more vulnerable. In addition, the communities of Pleasantville and Port Houston are vastly different. I fear that the children who currently attend Port Houston Elementary will be greatly impacted in their ability to learn if merged. In other words, by solving one problem, the District may be starting a much larger one.

Thank you for your consideration of the concerns from within the community and from the substantial number of supporters outside the Port Houston Community.

With best wishes,


HISD Board of Education Members

Contacting by Mail
Board Member Name
c/o HISD Board Services
Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center
4400 W. 18th St.
Houston, TX 77092

By Phone
Board Services: 713.556.6121
Constituent Services: 713.556.6111

By Email
District I
Anna Eastman –
District II
Rhonda Skillern-Jones –
District III
Manuel Rodriguez –
District IV
Paula Harris –
District V
Michael L. Lunceford –
District VI
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