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First Methodist Houston is proud of its long association with such an esteemed Biblical scholar, archaeologist and educator as Jim Fleming.  On this page you will discover information about the various ways that Dr. Fleming is able to teach us about our religious history.  These include conferences that are held worldwide, tours of Biblical sites throughout the Mediterranean area, and an antiquity center under construction in Lagrange, Georgia, where you are able to experience life as it was in Biblical times.
Preeminent scholar of Biblical archaeology, history and interpretation, Dr. Jim Fleming is unsurpassed in his ability to illustrate and make Biblical texts come alive. His teaching skills and techniques astound and inspire audiences around the world.
Dr. Fleming is the Founder and Director of the Explorations in Antiquity Center near LaGrange, Georgia, where full-scale replicas of life in Biblical times have been created to help visitors better understand the OT and NT Scriptures. He also founded the Biblical Resources Study Center, Jerusalem, Israel, and serves as an advisor for Bible Conferences at First Methodist Houston. In addition, Dr. Fleming was founder of the World of the Bible Archaeological Museum and Pilgrim Center at Ein Karem, Jerusalem; he is on the Advisory Board of Biblical Archaeology Review; and he has been Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Geography at the Ecumenical Institute for Advanced Theological Studies and Lecturer at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.
Having studied in the United States and Israel, Dr. Fleming earned his Doctor of Education Degree at Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and is an adjunct faculty member for a number of accredited graduate schools sending students to study in Israel.
For much of the time from 1974 to 2001, Jim Fleming lived and worked in Israel. During that time, he developed courses of study in historical geography and Biblical history that uniquely tie course materials to Bible text and utilize modern media aids for Biblical teaching.
Dr. Fleming served as Director and Academic Dean of the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies from 1980 to April 1987. He also worked with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism to teach Jewish and Arab guides about important sites of the New Testament and Byzantine periods of history.
Jim Fleming’s lively and unique teaching style weaves together four perspectives for a better understanding of Biblical times: theology, archaeology, history, and geography. He uses an ecumenical approach in bringing together old and recent discoveries to assist us in our faith journeys.
To see Dr. Fleming's website or Brochure that lists lectures, tours, and information about the Explorations in Antiquity Center in LaGrange, Georgia, and to view a Photo Album from his tours, click on the links below.
Dr. Fleming's website
Explorations in Antiquity Center brochure



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