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First Methodist Houston exists to bring people to Christ, grow disciples, and impact the city for God.


We belive in:

The Triune God
- the Father, the one true all powerful Creator and Sustainer of all things; Jesus Christ, fully human, fully God, who through His life, death, and resurrection offers salvation to all who put their faith in Him as Lord of their lives; and the Holy Spirit, the indwelling presence of God, equipping believers for the work of ministry and empowering them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Bible - the divinely inspired, authoritative writings which reveal the will of God for all of creation; the supreme standard of faith, received by the community of faith as the sure guide to both a personal and communal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace - God’s unconditional love in action, seeking to bring all people to a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

The Church - the Body of Christ, Jesus, present and visible in the world through the Holy Spirit in the worship, prayer, teaching, fellowship, witness, sacraments, and sacrificial service of His followers.

The Kingdom - the present reign of God in the lives of those who follow Christ and its future fulfillment in the victorious return of Christ; when He will honor the choices we have made, either for hell or for heaven and eternal life.

Core Values

The four core values which serve as unifying themes for church members and strategic imperatives for church ministries as we connect hearts to Christ are:

A living trust in God, informed by teaching that is faithful to Scripture and the Apostolic tradition and equips our members to come to Christ, follow Him, live in His Spirit, engage the world for the sake of the Kingdom, and grow into true, Biblical integrity and wholeness;

Outreach involving members in the work of compassion, making a real difference in the world, showing the presence of Christ through the work of His people and helping our members grow into the disciples as they serve;

Telling the old, old story in ways that reach a brand new day, through worship, studies, events, media, extension ministries and, especially, individual sharing of Christ in both word and deed; and

Relationships and ministries which help each person experience the warmth and joy of God's love in every dimension of the church's life, so that all grow together in obedience to Christ and none face times of illness, death or loss alone. 


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